PLGW-PSA Fall Protection Anchorage Eye Bolt

Punto de suspensión PLGW-PSA para equipamientos de protección personales

The pewag PLGW-PSA anchorage point is part of the anchorage system on which personal fall protection equipment can be fastened. It was designed and certified as per the high safety requirements for personal protective equipment according to the EG-Regulations 89/686/EWG; and meets already the new EN795:2012 (1 person) and CEN/TS 16415 (2 persons) norms respectively. For more information, please consult the operating instructions.

The PLGW-PSA is available in „Basic“ and „Supreme“: PLGW-PSA Basic is intended for permanent assembly to the anchorage system (e.g. tripod) and is mounted using a commercial Allen key.

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Código Rosca
Persons a
n max
Measurement Image PLGW PSA M12 1)  M12 1 30 55 12 32 63 55 20 160 8 0,30 / 0,42
PLGW PSA M16 M16 2 35 64 14 36 70 62 25 160 10 0,47 / 0,69 / 0,708
PLGW PSA M20 M20 2 40 73 16 41 81 66 30 160 12 0,60 / 0,75 / 0,95
 1)  Also available US-certified (complies with ANSI/ASSE Z359)
Note: The data stated in column Weight [kg/pc.] refer to the standard length (n [mm]) and to the maximum length (n max [mm]).
Attention: Subject to technical modifications!

Descripción del producto

The PLGW-PSA Supreme version has a patented system which allows for tool-free assembly and disassembly once the anchorage point is no longer in use and needs to be removed. You can find more information on the functionality either by watching the video on our homepage ( or by reading the operating instructions.

The special finish using the colour RAL 1003 for both versions is approved for use with stationary antenna systems („cell phone towers“). The pewag PLGW-PSA anchorage point is available in the sizes M12 (for 1 person) as well as M16 and M20 (for max. 2 persons). All sizes are obtainable with individual thread lengths.

Every anchorage point is marked with the thread size and the permitted number of persons. The individual serial number enables complete documentation on all compulsory inspections.

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