HSW Gancho de ojo

A hook for all seasons.

The eye sling hook may be used universally and comes with a die-forged safety catch that locks into the tip of the hook, thereby providing excellent protection against lateral shifts. The hook is suitable for Connex and the welded system and is manufactured according to EN 1677‑2 with the lashing capacity of G10.

Assembly of the safety catch set is simple and quick and does not require any special tools. It consists of a die-forged safety catch, a stainless steel spring and a retaining pin for extra reliability. Please note that the eye sling hook is suitable for straight pull only. Loads on the tip of the hook or the safety catch are not permitted. The standard package includes CE-marking, BG-approval and full operating manual.

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HSW Gancho de ojo Código Capacidad de trincaje LC
Measurement Image HSW 7/8 50 106 27 19 25 11 26 88 0,57
HSW 10 80 131 33 26 34 16 31 109 1,25
HSW 13 134 164 44 33 43 19 39 134 1,86
HSW 16 200 183 50 40 50 25 45 155 3,86


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HSW 16

HSW 7/8