SDS Arrastradores insertables

Flight attachment for severe service in two strand and multiple chain strand conveyors, runs over chain sprockets and plain chain wheels with or without groove, two SDS-halves – forged and case hardened, highly wear resistant, one SDS-half to weld onto the head plate of the flight bar, simple assembly and disassembly even on the tensioned chain system, install the flight bar on the vertical chain links in the required flight spacing, insert 2nd locking half and tighten the attachment bolt to the specified torque; alternativ one SDS-half already welded to distance plate available.

Surface finish: shotblasted – waxed

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Stick electrode
ISO 2560: E 51 5 B110 20 (H)
EN 499: E 42 5B4 2 H5
AWS A5.1-ASME II/C, SFA5.1: E 7018-1

Scope of delivery
2 pcs. halves, 1 pc. hex. bolt DIN 931-8.8,
1 pc. locking nut DIN 980-8.

Size of the distance plate and bolt length has to be specified.

Example of the order
80 pcs. flight attachments SDS 22 x 86 with mounting bolt and nut