ZKSW I KHSW-KHSW-KPSW Lashing chain G10

Outstanding quality for lasting benefits.

This lashing chain for securing loads has a 25 % higher lashing capacity than standard G8 lashing chains and thus surpasses EN 12195‑3. The lashing chain has a standard length of 3,500 mm and comes in a modular design. Other end fittings/combinations and delivery lengths are available upon request and with short delivery times.

Please note that the product must not be used for lifting or attaching loads. For details, please refer to the full operating manual.

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ZKSW I KHSW-KHSW-KPSW Lashing chain G10 Código Capacidad de trincaje LC
Distancia de tensión
Fueza de tensión estándar
jaw size g1
Measurement Image ZKSW 16 200 I KHSW-KHSW-KPSW 3500 200 250 - 45 37,70